Friday, September 10, 2010

Value of Support

Well, I just finished up counting all the people on Tiffany’s card wall -- it is over 100 different people that have sent a note of encouragement. What a blessing it is to have so many people praying for us and supporting us through this process of Tiffany’s hospitalization. When I think of the support team that we have, I am simply amazed and thankful. We have heard so many comments on Tiffany’s card wall from health care providers who haven’t seen anything like it and let us know that it is unusual to see. For us, the support that we receive from family and friends is invaluable. Here is a basic description of the support that we have received this go around-- 

parents who have come for hospital duty
family and friends who installed new flooring in our house to eliminate more carpet
many who have sent cards and emails
friends from church who hauled away the old carpet from our house
excellent medical support from CF center and hospital
college students who we work with have come and visited and sent notes of encouragement
co-workers who are covering for us while we are out
friends who help out with our dog (and even do the dishes when they just stopped by to feed her)
a church family that prays and supports in whatever way they can (like bringing food to people installing floor)
each other -- as we encourage one another to keep a Biblical perspective and keep trusting in a sovereign God

Thank you so much to all of you who have helped support us.  It allows us to fight the CF, be encouraged, and keep moving forward despite the difficulties.  I would encourage you to lend support to those that you know have a chronic disease or just need encouragement.  You probably have no idea what just a simple note will do after spending another day in the hospital! As Tiffany’s husband, I can’t express how much it means to us. Thank you!

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September 14, 2010 at 5:47 PM

Jarrod and I were just thinking of you guys today and just took some time to pray for you. We miss seeing you guys around and pray that God will keep working to heal Tiffany. Thanks for the updates on the blog. It helps us know how to pray.

Kristina (for both of us :)

Is. 26:3-4