Thursday, September 23, 2010

Excerpts from DH update

We are now ending our 6th day at home -- and it feels great to be back in our own bed!! Tiffany was able to come home last Friday but we had to re-hook up our internet and with all the commotion of coming home that didn't happen till the end of the weekend -- hence the lateness of this update.  Tiffany came home on oxygen and the drug plan explained in the last email. The schedule has been ok except for the long periods of being hooked up to the IV which make for a couple interruptions during the night and not much sleep.  It was probably about 11:30 p.m. that the last delivery guy (for oxygen equipment) left our home Friday night and then Saturday was filled with trying to get reacquainted with our home and settling in after having been gone for almost a month.  Needless to say there were some items that needed to be thrown out in the fridge. Basically the last week has been filled with drugs, CPT (pounding --or beatings== to break up the mucus), and as much sleep as possible.

Today we had an appointment with the CF clinic to see how she is progressing and it was a good visit. Her PFT numbers were up to around 51% which is a great improvement from her last test in the hospital when it was 39%.  Her mom came in to help us last Saturday so it must be her good care that is helping her get better.  Because her numbers are doing well and the therapeutic value of the IVs are running out, they are taking her off the IV drug and oral antibiotic over the next couple of days.  This makes us a little nervous because that is what has been beating down the bugs, but staying on the drugs is not the best option -- we want them to work in the future.  This will allow us to finally be able to sleep through the night so I am looking forward to Friday night's sleep! 

Although Tiffany is progressing, we have learned over the last year that her body is much more prone to allowing these infections to take hold in her body so we must be careful.  Please be in prayer for us specifically about the many decisions that we will be needing to make over the next couple of months about schedule and treatment plans.  We are trusting in our God for His grace and leading! Thank you for all your encouragement and support.

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