Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Progress is being made

We are now ending our 23rd day in the hospital, and I think we are nearing the end of our stay.  Tiffany's main CF doc was back in this last Monday and today, so now we have a plan for getting her home.  At the beginning the goal was that she wouldn't go home until she was off of the oxygen, but that is no longer the determiner of whether she can go home.  

We had another PFT (pulmonary function test) on Monday, and she blew a 39% which is 3% higher than last week and 13% higher from when she first came in to the hospital.  It was not as high as we would have liked to see (her baseline has been between 55-65%), but it is progress and movement in the right direction. Her breathing has continued to improve and her endurance/strength is getting better and better. 

We are shooting for going home the end of this week, so we are making adjustments to the drug plan that will make it easier on us at home. She is also coming to the end of the therapeutic value of a couple of the I.V. drugs so she would need to come off of them anyway. Basically, she is down to one IV drug, an oral antibiotic and going to an inhaled (nebulized) antibiotic. This will make it much easier on us at home with only one IV that currently is four times a day and last for four hours each time. We will see how she does on this plan the next couple of days and if all goes well, then we should be back in our own bed this week.

Our card wall is overflowing, and we are so thankful for all of the support we have received.  We often talk about the verse that tells us to "be strong in the grace of Christ Jesus our Lord" and God continues to strengthen us in our insufficiency.  Thank you for your continued love, prayer, and support. Below is our latest addition of art to our wall from a good friend’s children -- I especially like the dog, it makes me think of Dutch!

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