Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Update 9/21/10

Sorry for taking so long to write an update.  I was able to come home Friday evening.  Wohoo! Boy, it is so nice to be home.  A month feels like forever-it is amazing how much life happens in a month.  It seems like I was just in my own world, in my room-not really tied in to what is happening outside of that room. 

I walked into a whole new home.  While I was in the hospital a group of family and friends completely replaced the flooring in our home.  Where we had carpet through the entire house before, now only two rooms sport carpet.  I have beautiful hardwood floors.  What a blessing!  This is such a labor of love-I don’t feel like “thank you” even begins to scratch the surface.  We are hopeful that this will greatly effect and help my lungs.  Each piece went down with love and I am so thankful for those that invested in me and my health.

So, back to the health front.  I am home and making progress.  This process has been much slower than other exacerbations.  I am still on IV meds 16 hours a day, oral abx and inhaled abx (abx is short for antibiotics).  I am still on oxygen as well, so this is a new frontier for me.  We now have cool tubing all throughout the house. :-) I am nervous about going out in public with oxygen-this happens on Wednesday as I have a Dr’s appt.

DH and I were talking about the reality of where I am.  With where my pft’s are currently and the current exacerbation I have some room to make up.  It has been a tough year-basically, I have been on IV meds 50% of the year.  So, it seems that we have some choices ahead of us.  Would you join us in praying for His direction in these choices?

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September 22, 2010 at 7:20 PM

Your family is in our prayers, Tiffany. Hugs! Hang in there! :)