Saturday, September 4, 2010

Update 9/4/2010

Headed in the right direction.  The past two days we have seen a little progress which is a blessing.  Thursday and Friday they made some drastic changes on the medication front and it seems to be just what was needed. 

I am still on the three IV antibiotics but the frequency and duration of those have been modified.  The Primaxin they are running very slowly over a period of 4 hours every 6 hours.  The thought behind running this so slow is that it gives a constant level that works against the bugs, rather than a quick peak and then decreasing over a period of time. The Tobramycin is the same; a dose every 12 hours.  The Vancomycin they have doubled-so I get a dose over a period of 2 hours every 6 hours.  It seems as if this change has thrown those bugs for a loop and are beginning to kick them! :-)

Thanks to those who have dropped by or sent cards.  It is so fun to continue to share your love for me with those that care for me here-it has been a true testimony.

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