Monday, August 30, 2010

One Week Update

Well here we are at the one week mark.  Today has been a good day but with some tough reality checks.  Last week I came in through the ER due to shortness of breath.  My oxygen saturation was at 80 and no energy.  Today I am on 4 liters of oxygen and my ox. sat. is around 93/94.  I am on three antibiotics; Vancomycin, Tobramycin, and Primaxin.  I have four sessions of nebulizer treatments (anywhere from 1-4 meds each session) and CPT (aka pounding) each of those four times which constitutes about 2 + hrs of CPT a day.  Mix that in with vitals at the most inconvenient times, blood draws, and doctor visits...occasionally some shut eye and a few moments of alone time with my hubby.  (oh and I can’t forget all the pills that I have to swallow :-) That pretty much sums up what I have been doing this week.

I am fighting two bugs in particular, MRSA (a type of staph) and PA (a type of pseudomonas). These are not new bugs to me-I have grown and treated these pretty regularly.  The oxygen is a new twist.  This is the most I have ever been on oxygen, so that has been a little disconcerting.  Was able to ask some questions of the docs today and get some real insight.  It looks like I am in here for a long haul.  To be honest that is a tough reality for me to swallow. The doc today encouraged me to make the most of this stay and plan at least 3 wks.  Argh!  I am chomping at the bit already.

 It has been hard not to dwell on that this evening.  Several times the phrase “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak” has come to mind.  The other worry that keeps trying to creep in is the reality of a “new” reality.  As I shared with my hubby, it’s tough because I know that this is just the start of more/longer circumstances like this.  Praise the Lord that through Him we can keep every thought in captivity.  He knows, He is at the beginning, middle, and end of all of this.  I don’t have to fear because He is right here with me.  Now for the practical application of choosing to rest in His working (even if it really isn’t what I would have chosen).

Thanks so much for your faithful prayers.  What a blessing to know of many who are upholding me and DH in prayer.  Your notes and emails are a real encouragement as well and often bring a smile. Thank You

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