Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Latest 8-28

Tiffany is headed in the right direction with some progress on her breathing.  She is still on oxygen and we are going to see if we can start reducing the amount slowly. We have reduced it slightly from when she first came in and her oxygen levels have been maintaining around 93%. Basically now it is the process of just being patient with allowing the drugs to work their magic (of course we understand that they will work their magic according to the will of God ). The dr.s have not even mentioned a time frame of how long she will be in here which means it will most likely be no sooner than the end of the week.  This is that part of patience! There are a lot of CFers in the hospital right now so we have seen the CF docs every day which is a blessing. They have not found any new items to address so we are still just primarily dealing with MRSA in the lungs. -- David (DH)

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