Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wise, Eternal Ways


My best friend from college wrote the below poem and sent it to me in memory of Tiffany. It is a poem of great theological depth that considers God, life, sin's effects, God's deliverance, and the need to make eternal decisions in light of these realities. Thanks Wade for focussing me in on the eternal!

Wise, Eternal Ways
From Psalm 90
In memory of Tiffany Davis Brock
December 5, 1975— December 1, 2010

O Lord our God, You are our dwelling place,
Security in every age we trace.
Before firm mountains stood or sun had shone,
From everlasting, You are God alone.

You turn the sons of man to dust again,
Our long, full years come to their mortal end;
Yet in Your sight the years are moments past,
First promising, but soon like withering grass.

Consider now why all mankind must die?
It is our sin; Your wrath is justified.
Your fury poured in death on fallen men,
For open deeds and sins hid deep within.

Though death's cold curse my body still must face,
No condemnation comes beyond the grave;
God's final wrath Christ drank for my poor sake,
And then He rose the chains of death to break.

So teach us, Lord, to number out our days,
And live for You, in wise, eternal ways.
In faithful love, give joy in place of tears,
And bless our work to last beyond our years.

~Wade Williams, Copyright 2010. All rights reserved.
Used by permission

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