Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tiffany Hospital update 11-27 by DH

As many of you CFers out there know -- hospital stays can be hard and drawn out much longer than you would like.  I think that is true of this one. We were not anticipating being here this long but I guess we must simply rest in God's timing in it all.  Her lung functions were down to 22% which is a drop from when she went in to the hospital. We have yet to get her transplant evaluation process rescheduled.  They told me they couldn't tell me till Dec. 8th when it would be scheduled, but I am not sure why -- I will probably write them and find out. The hard part now is patience because just when you feel like you made significant process your body doesn't cooperate. This is definitely a weird hospital stay that we are looking forward to be over. Below is an email that I sent out to family and friends today by way of update. I am going to try and post more often -- but you know how it goes in the hospital. DH

Dear Family and Friends,

As Thanksgiving has come and gone as an official holiday there is still much to be thankful for as we move forward. We were not able to go home for Thanksgiving, but I am thankful that Tiffany’s parents were able to come down for the week and to celebrate with us at the hospital.  A family in our church provided us with a meal and we feasted in the hospital room even with enough left overs to have a turkey sandwich for dinner.  God continues to give His grace in supplying strength, patience, and hope (confident expectation in God). 

It has been an interesting week and a half since the last time I wrote.  It seems that so much but yet so little has happened. Tiffany continues to make slow progress with some of the issues that I mentioned last time but especially with the C-Dif colitis.  We were hoping to go home by Thanksgiving but Tiffany’s body is still fighting so much that she has not regained the strength or lung function that is needed in order to go home.  It has been a hospital stay with so many ups and downs.  Just when we think it is getting significantly better, something else comes up. They have been very careful to watch for other infections and to this point we have not found any. It is evident that her body is still fighting infections that we assume to be the existing MRSA, C-dif, and pseudomonus because of the fluctuation of her white blood cell count and some fevers.  They did another lung function test earlier this week, and it has gone down since she has been in the hospital.  That is not surprising seeing all that her body is fighting, but we would like to see a turn around soon in her lung functions. 

Here are some praises -- 
  1. No new infections have been found
  2. We have received great medical care
  3. Tiffany’s parents came for the Thanksgiving week
  4. Tiffany’s mom is staying here helping for the next couple of weeks
  5. opportunities for spiritual conversations

Here is how you can pray -- 
  1. The infections be continued to be killed off
  2. Increase in lung function
  3. Re-scheduling of her transplant evaluation (we won’t find out till December 8th if we are able to do it in early January)
  4. Tiffany’s body be strengthened 
  5. Patience through the slow process

Thank you for all of your prayers and notes of encouragement. We continue to be amazed at the support that we receive from so many. You may be asking when will Tiffany get out of the hospital -- the answer is simply that we do not know. We are simply taking a day at a time, and when the time comes for her to go home, we will be grateful.

Trusting in our God,
David Brock

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