Sunday, February 7, 2010

The value of emotional support….
My brother came out for a couple of days. What a help he was. Just having someone to be here makes me feel safe. He took care of some house stuff for me, chauffeured me around to various commitments, but most of all it was just his quiet presence that brought calm. Thanks bro!

Feb 3

Maiden Voyage…
Ok, ok it does seem a little dramatic. However, this is a first for us as hubby is gone for a while, I am on IV’s and this round is a doosy. There is much to think through in a circumstance like this. Who checks on you-does someone stay or just drop in every now and then. What about meals-I find can handle the dosing side of things, but getting good food and laundry and house upkeep-those are the extras that slip. What info needs to go to whom-contact info, emergency info-is there a list of meds-can my folks get in touch w/ someone here-can that someone get to me easily. Wheww….my brain is spinning just typing these. Thankfully, my church family is ready and willing to step in and do whatever/whenever (the key is that I need to ask). My brother is able to come and stay w/ me for a couple of days….that’s huge! So, we have embarked, we will see what this journey holds. Good thing I know the One that is already in the midst of it and navigating every part!

Feb 2

Yes that wonderful word. I don’t know that I fully comprehend the role that stress plays on my health. I am finding that it is more than I would like to admit.

As one who is not really "put it all out there" as far as getting rid of stress-I find that I internalize it a lot which in turn results in stressing my body and thus, my health.

I will have to do some thinking on effective ways that I can deal healthily with this.

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